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Label of bottle



 It is pointed out that Ozu had carefully decided on the direction of pattern of the pottery placed on the table etc(28 first collection  Movie account of a trip "An Autumn Afternoon"  Takashi Kawamata  Talk). It is not thought that he is careless in the direction of the label of the beer bottle though it is so. The work one before ¥"Fighting Friends Japanese Style¥" is a bottle that arranging flowers, and the label lends itself to the camera to avoid the three people who surround the table(06:00). However, although the shadow of the bottle on the left front stains the label of the cider bottle and leaves immatureness here.


 In a real pub, the label of the beer is turned towards the customer, so the label is not reflected when it is realistically taken from the front, and the red black Jar is shown strongly in the screen and the balance collapses or it becomes dirty. This is how everyone works in a regular movie. Conversely, if you are showing for advertising, the orientation of the label should be front, but Ozu is trying to balance rather than simply pointing it that way. The labels on the two beer bottles in “I Graduated, But ...” are slightly left facing from the front, but the right bottle is slightly on the front, so the two labels open and feel spread.


 A good example of this is the seven beer bottles placed in front of the dining table at the “An Autumn Afternoon” reunion (Fig. 1 20:30). The labels on the two sets of jars are open in the same way as those of "I Graduated, But ..." and alternate almost alternately with left, right, left. However, the innermost two labels are not visible, and these become the two previous three-dimensional shadows. And three or four bottles are back and forth, you can sense the spread and depth according to the direction of the label.


瓶のラベル 1
 Figure 1











 An exception is that there is a small beer bottle with no label in a room with her husband Amamiya (Toshiaki Konoe) who was waiting for her daughter Ayako (Yoshiko Tsubouchi) at the “Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family” restaurant. (1:21:36). "A Hen in the Wind" reflects the content of the work, or because it is just after the end of the war, the label is hardly visible during the work. Especially in the room of Orie (Reiko Mizukami), there are ten beer bottles that can not all be seen (07:00). The label is reflected in a bottle with the word "Sake" at Sakurai's house (22:01) and at the workplace, in the presence of his colleague Satake (Chisyu Ryu), a bottle of Syochu (1:12: 45). Has the latter been shown to be cheap sake?
 In “Floating Weeds”, bottles are placed in the corridors of the inn where Kiyoshi (Hiroshi Kawaguchi) and Kayo (Ayako Wakao) stayed (Figure 2: 1:38:22, 1:40:40). It looks like a cider because it is light blue and the edges are vertical, but all other shots are lemonade. Why did you change it into cider bottles only here? The label is visible only at the end, but it looks like a giraffe. There was an early bottle of "kirin Lemon" in a book with a retro item, but after all it was a blue color and the label was the same picture as a beer, so the two seem to be the same thing. Beer bottles never come out in "Floating Weeds", so was this label projected as a consideration for the manufacturer?

瓶のラベル 2
 Figure 2












 According to the manufacturer's site information, even after the label in 1927, the label is a silhouette or a clip-like design, and in 1933 it turned into a yellow paint as a whole. It seems like However, the change was remarkable, and even what was on the book had the same design as beer, and a red band similar to a movie would have been put on the neck of the bottle. In the meantime, things with the same design may not have been sold. In the case of beer, it turned out that a similar label was replaced from blue in 1935. Since the production of "Floating Weeds" was in 1955, it seems that we used what was sold until several years ago.

Written notice.

I translated from Japanese original in machine translation software on the Internet. I translated it into Japanese with the same software and confirmed it, but I think there are still imprecise and unclear places. 


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